Freddie for a Day


Queen is one of my favorite bands of all times. Sadly, I was born a little late to have any chance of seeing them performing live, with Freddie, so all I have left is videos of concerts and such. Happy Birthday, Freddie!




Thunderstorm by A30_Tsitika
Thunderstorm, a photo by A30_Tsitika on Flickr.

Sadly, we are rapidly getting closer to the end of the raining season. The good news is that the weather shouldn’t be anywhere as hot as it was in Spring.

I’m more than ready for Fall and everything that comes with it! 🙂

English vs. español

What language should I write in here? For all I know no one ever stumbles here so it’s pretty much a question of what language would I like to read myself. Pretty much my entire day goes by reading, writing and thinking in English. I rarely go out of the house, at least in weekday, so the only Spanish I speak is with the hubby. And I listen to the radio in Spanish, of course but I don’t talk to them. 😉

I’ll probably just go with whatever I fancy at the moment – just like now I guess. It’s not like I’ll unleash the fury -or confusion- of readers. So there.

Matrimonio all’italiana


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On Vittorio De Sicca’s birth anniversary, a scene from the fabulous Matrimonio all’Italiana. I’ve loved this movie since the very first time I saw it, back when I was about 13. My parents love it and I got to watch it on TV for the first time with them.

It was my introduction to Italian cinema from the 60s, to Vittorio De Sica and especially, to the fascinating team formed by bellissima Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni.

I have adored this movie ever since, and its special place in my heart has grown with the addition of my own memories from yesteryear, when me and my family watched together, over and over again, the compelling drama of Filumena Marturano and her beloved Domé.